I’m always excited about the new year,  new possibilities.  It would be easier perhaps if I felt better.  I’ve been sick for two plus weeks and feel as though I’m single handedly contributing to the bottom line of Ricola Ltd.  Well, I’ve finished off five days worth of megasteroids and cough syrup with codeine, so I guess I’ve graduated to just using regular cough syrup and herbal cough drops.  Ugh.  Enough already.

2011.  I’m thinking it’s my year to get off my butt and get things done.  Spiritually, I’m committing to being a dedicated tithe payer and temple attendee.  I’m committing to spending focused time with each of my family members and my friends.  I’m committing to the Trash It or Treaure It program and finally retrieving my bedroom as my place of peace.  Then just to round things off, I’m committing to scrapbooking, picture taking, painting, napping, reading and dreaming.

Yeah, 2011 is going to be a good year.  Happy New Year everyone.


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  1. angela

    Sorry to hear you are still sick…I too, can’t kick the darn thing. This post thrills me beyond belief and the Emily quote is a keeper! Get better girlfriend!

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