peace and plenty

finished it.  Was more than a little dismayed to learn that Sarah has lost all her money and her gorgeous home at Newton’s Chapel.  In typical Sarah style however, she is the phoenix and this book shows she’s still got it.  Loved it.  Not Dave Ramsey, by any stretch, but a lovely arm around the shoulder, you screwed up, but you can still get this right kind of thing.   I’m sending prayers her way, that all will be returned to her a 100 fold.

I was amused to read that one of her readers met her in person and said something along the lines of “MY Sarah wears Laura Ashley and birkenstocks!”  Too funny.  MY Sarah wears chic, appropriate clothing and has beautifully manicured nails, perhaps not red though…  In any event, she was funny and sad in relating how crazy her life has been.  I appreciated her candor and hope to learn from it.  While I won’t be opening my own secret bank account, I’m pretty clear on doing pretty much everything else she suggests in her book.

One thing I wasn’t expecting was her story of Dorothy Parker to hit me so hard.  My first thought of her is the quote, “This is not a book to be tossed aside lightly… it should be thrown with great force.”  An indominitable wit.  I am so going to read her biography.  Talk about a storm tossed life!  Oh, and the “fingerless mittens” refrain had me howling! (Read the book.)  Ms. Sarah called Dorothy, “… a ghost haunting her own life.”  How true is that of many of us when we don’t take positive steps to move from where we’ve become stuck?

So my three takeaways?  Create a “Comfort Companion”  Combination daily journal, sketchbook and personal memorabilia holder.  Create a Contentment Chest – similar to my smile file of old full of my “sacred passions and … genuine wants.”  And finally a “Peace and Plenty Journal of Well Spent Moments” — a daily gratitude journal.  “Not having money to spend doesn’t mean we can’t have well-spent moments every day.”  Lots of other nuggets and I’ll share as I work them out, but I gotta say, I’m glad I took this trip.


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