the legend

Streisand.  Love or hate her politics there’s no denying that gorgeous voice and the fun new thing is her interior design book.

Thankfully I found it on sale at Barnes and Noble.  The price tag is on par with any big name designer, but frankly so is the design that’s unveiled.  Ms. Streisand obviously has a penchant for antiques.  Gorgeous, gorgeous stuff.  What’s wonderful to read is how patient she can be when she wants something.  The property her home is built on is a combination of three (?) lots and she had to wait to acquire the lot she most wanted.  Her antique furniture largely has been collected over the years and the house is just the culmination of a beautiful idea.  Love, love, love it.  Thinking I need to head over to Into the Woods and sign up for one of their antique classes.  Generally the overall look of her home is more formal than works for me, but it’s definitely drool worthy and some of the rooms are just breath taking.

So looking around to see what she’s been up to (aside from the recent movies that will not be named) I found two new(ish) Streisand albums I must check out. 

Where have I been the last decade?  In any event, One Night Only, Love Is the Answer, Streisand: Live In Concert, Guilty Pleasures and The Movie Album.  I don’t know if I’ll end up getting them all, but it’s likely.

It’s wonderful how she’s hit her mid-60s and still looks so fabulous, and the voice is deeper and richer.  Good for you Barbra.  Good for you.


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