how is it

that you can spend all day working your tail off and yet hit the end of the day and the level of your in-basket hasn’t moved?  I do give myself credit for physical therapy today (swimming pool workout) and calling (again) about my Humira prescription, but as far as my paying job goes, I’m kinda wishing I could see more of what I got done. 

Isn’t it funny how it’s difficult to quantify and give proper credit to work that takes place more in your head than on paper?  Or that doesn’t close something out, but just moves it along a bit?  I would say that work may often be the most important work that there is to do — the boring in-between bit– between the pride of having gotten started and the relief of having finished it up.


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  1. The problem is the to-do list….it just never gets shorter! We need accomplishment list to really show what we have done!

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