I remember when Friday meant racing back to my dorm or the barracks to get showered and head out for dinner and then head out to paaaarty!  Now partying generally meant dancing til the wee hours, but it could also be live theater or camping in Colorado, or touring some new town in Germany, or a million other things.

Now adays the best party I can work up to is crawling into my snugglies and zoning out on the couch until it’s time to drag myself upstairs to bed.  Remember those spoons I talked about before?  Well mine are pretty much gone by the end of the day and it’s all I can do to drive myself home.  Sigh…

Maybe I’ll go home tonight and dance for a while, then curl up into the couch.   There’s a lot to be said for not having to wear 4 inch high stilletos or deal with drunk people when all you want to do is dance.  I do miss the dressing up part though.


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  1. Oh man, I remember that life…I refer to it as, “BFH” before Hunter…I would dance for 5 hours straight…no alcohol…just soda and a beat…Man, I miss those days…there is a small neighborhood spot where me and my cousins get together every now and then to relive our young adulthood…The last time we went I found myself in Mini’s room looking for her lip gloss…and I just kept thinking, “man, this is wrong on so many levels”…smile. How did I get here?

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