good times

So– Pauline and I go to lunch yesterday and because there’s a glitch and no one’s been paid at work, we eat happy meals from McDonald’s.  She gets a cute giraffe and I get the Tonka truck.   So, I’m ragging on her giraffe all the way over to the school where she’s dropping off her daughter’s jacket.  She comes back to the van and looks around and can’t find the giraffe, so after a minute we drive off and hear a loud pop.  My first thought was to wonder who was shooting!  A few miles down the road I wonder out loud if it wasn’t the giraffe.  Let the hilarity begin!

Text from Pauline to daughter on my phone:  “can u see if my squished giraffe is in the school drive.  it fell out when I brought ur sweatshirt.”

After I drop Pauline back at her building and head over to mine…

Daughter to Pauline:  “Uhmm.  Okay.”

Jenny to Daughter:  “it’s ok.  your mom dropped her happy meal toy but she got someone from the office to run out and get it.”

Daughter to Jenny:  “Happy meal toy.  Shes a 48 year old woman and she wants her happy meal toy.”

Jenny to Daughter:  “it’s the little things that make life fun”

So not to be outdone by this banter, this morning started with a photo text from Pauline…

See... I lived.

 and of course I had to respond…

still can't feel to good being run over! hahahaha

Pauline to Jenny:  “No tread marks on her, so looks like the airbag saved her life.”

She is happy.

Jenny to Pauline:  “Good Lord! She’s got a posse.”

Pauline to Jenny:  “Mhmm, to protect her from a psycho minivan.”

“R we doing lunch today?”   “Yep”

“I am feeling Jimmy’s.  You?”      “Sure”

“Should we send you over to run over the lamb so it’ll be fresh?”

Jenny to Pauline:  “Sweet. Good times.”  “Besides you’re the one who hurled the poor beastie to its potential demise.  I just drove the getaway van!”

My posse

Pauline to Jenny:  “I suppose you’re right.  But I will deny that in court.”



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5 responses to “good times

  1. Christopher

    that’s pretty funny story! where do you keep the truck?

  2. Love this! So playful and in the moment. Great fun seeing the toys at the office too. Looks like your own mini-toy chest. No need to ask “have you played today?” Thanks for sharing the spirit.

  3. coreenal

    LOL!! I loved this story–especially the text exchanges! Thanks for the laugh!

  4. coreenal

    I was just checking out your posse–pretty cool!! You have Mr. Incredible AND Kermit the Frog!!! Your truck has the coolest posse!

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