baby steps

so… I know you’re sick of reading about the progress I’m NOT making in redecorating my bedroom.  Me too.  I was just over at checking out her bedroom pics and wow.  I’m feeling motivated.  So, I’ve decided to take this in baby steps.  No more listing “redecorate bedroom” as a goal.  Tonight’s goal is to patch the hole left by my overzealous family paint crew and paint the edges of that wall.  Not a ton of work, but enough to give me a feeling of accomplishment and a lovely step toward making this room into a refuge.


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  1. It is a never ending task. The paint we did last year is already getting marked up and needs a touch up- the blinds…still paper and the treadmill makes for a fine window treatment in the dormer. The burgandy old leather couch-doesn’t match, but darn it is comfortable. My white comforter from last year-sick of it! Time to re-do!

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