baby step one

so… with my hubby sleeping when I get home every night and my being loathe to disturb his slumber I haven’t been able to work on step one.  Feeling somewhat guilty, I got up this morning and just before heading downstairs, I took ten minutes and patched the hole.  I bought the repair kit shown above, but didn’t end up using it.  Just filled it in and let it sit.  Wow.  How motivating one tiny little thing can be.  Now I can’t wait to get home and do some painting!!



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3 responses to “baby step one

  1. O.k…I’m going to be checking in on you…to keep you motivated. …and Brimfield, I can’t wait for Brimfield….May…that’s when Mini goes back to school…Yeah.

    • snydeen

      Awesome! Maybe we’ll meet up in Brimfield if we happen to be there the same day. Hopefully I’ll be done with the painting by then.

  2. Isn’t it amazing how we let the easiest things sit for one hundred years. For instance, I finally framed a photo and hung it. I had it 10 years! 10!

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