breaking out of my shell

the older I get.  At least when it comes to art.  I just fell in love with “Triple Structure 2009” by Brooks Salzwede in case anyone was wondering what to get me for Christmas this year…  I find the idea of “post it” art particularly fun.  Muppet and Bear?  I think there’s some potential for summer money this way for you two.  I’ll fund your start with a pack of post its, some various drawing medium and a standing posterboard to display your work.  : )

Seriously, not loving these pieces so much, but the trees and ladders that look like photographs are just amazing!  On the other hand, my all time favorite artist (and I might even consider him above my beloved pre-raphaelites) is James Christensen.  Go to and check out the slide show on him.  I think the titles alone are funny or tender…  Example below “Sometimes the spirit touches us through our weaknesses.”

James C. Christensen - Sometimes the Spirit...


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  1. Major catch up today on the blog-First of all very cool funky art and is perfect for your style! Love the trees!

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