gorgeous lashes

so there was a time when I was into makeup.  Well more than now in any event.  Then my darling husband told me he didn’t like makeup that I was prettier without it.  So between stairstep babies, working fulltime and not going out dancing like I used to, like an idiot I slowly quit wearing it.   So now I find myself facing 50 and ready to reach for anything that will – not so much slow time – as my youth wasn’t entirely worth reliving, but will help me look the best I can right now. 

All that said, there is a fabulous raffle giveaway over at http://soulpretty.blogspot.com/ for Envyderm.  I can’t picture hassling with false eyelashes, but enriching my own?  Yeah.  Go check it out!

Oh, and while we’re on the subject, anyone want to suggest some fabulous makeup for a Black woman?



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4 responses to “gorgeous lashes

  1. So the secret is- I want my eyelashes done. I have very thin eyelash and so natural it is sick. They need a permanent darkening! Do they do that? I want it done!

  2. Hey, Hey…I guess no one else was interested in JLo eyes…so you are the winner…please send me your email address so I can send it over to Everdem and they will be in touch with ya….Congrats.

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