March reading…

So the book club with a twist goes on (even if I am all alone in my efforts… sigh…)  Anyway, trying to get into this one. March – Berlin Diaries 1940-1945 by Marie Vassiltchikov  – A Russian emigre princess, Vassiltchikov (1917-78) arrived in Berlin soon after the outbreak of World War II. This secret diary is replete with graphic descriptions of what life was like during those increasingly desperate times when saturation bombings, fire storms, and food shortages became the terrible norm. Of exceptional interest, too, are the entries pertaining to her close ties with those who attempted to assassinate Hitler in the “July Plot.” This absorbing personal account of Berlin’s Gotterdammerung represents a valauble opportunity to understand World War II from the perspective of Germany’s courageous civilian population. Though no less brave than Londoners, Berliners suffered far more.  ACTIVITY: Watch A Beautiful Life

 Only like on page 10, but if it doesn’t pick up soon, I think I’ll be swapping it out for another book.  Angela has these on her reading list for last month, so maybe I’ll trade it for one of these…  If I make it through, then I’ll probably just read these because they look good!

“I loved this choice- Yeah, it is totally controversial, but we had so many things in common!”  Okay Ang, in light of the NY Times article I just read (, that sounds a wee bit scary! LOL 

“My good friend Sheri recommended this- Finished this on the plane ride home last week. This book helps us discover all of the tender mercies in our life. Recommended.”

Go check out the rest of her list!!



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3 responses to “March reading…

  1. Great- I just came here to see what you were reading….I will wait I guess on the Berlin book to see if you dump it or not!

  2. Show we do the China mom book and go to China….ha ha

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