Busy, busy, busy

I feel like the white rabbit these days.  Racing all over, but not getting much done to the outward observer.  Well let’s see is there any news worth sharing?  Ummm…

Oh!  I won the EnvyDerm giveaway over at http://soulpretty.blogspot.com/  Wahoo!  I’ll have to take a picture when I get home tonight and then again in two weeks.  Hopefully there will be a noticeable difference.  Also go check her site for some of the best eye candy put together anywhere.  She does the most amazing makeovers!

Reading… well I’m not really making any headway with the Berlin Diaries so I’m thinking I’ll have to substitute this other book I found, Lunch in Paris: A Love Story, with Recipes by Elizabeth Bard.  She had me at page one, so I’m thinking this could be a really good thing.  Not the behind the scense story of WWII Germany that I was planning on, but I’ll take it.  I’m definitely drifting more toward non-fiction biographies, memoirs, histories and the like. 

I’ve been busy Zuumbaing with Coreena (Absolutely no photographic evidence of that will be provided! hahaha).  Just getting all of the dance steps down is a workout.  I’m excited for when we’ve worked up to the long version of the workout!

What else?  I’m traveling to New York with Coreena next week for her birthday.  Shopping, eating and a matinee play are on the menu.  Love.

I’ve also got plans in the works for a trip to Washington to do the Twilight/Sleepless in Seattle thing with my baby girl.  The fun thing is our flight back has a layover in Phoenix!   

Then Disney with the family (still working that one out),  the condo is doable through a friend’s time share, but the 48 hours of driving are scary to think about!

Hopefully an overnight to do two days in Brimfield, but at least one…

also if I can figure it out of the budget somehow — a flight to Las Vegas and then drive to San Diego with my Utah buddy to sit on a Pacific beach,

and finally end the year with Coreena back in New York city for my birthday.   I wanted to stay here, but didn’t have a spare $1200 per night hanging around, so I’m settling for high tea in the Palm Court.

I’m happy with all this and yet, I’m still excited to check out the photos from my friend Angela’s blog  http://www.domesticlifestyle.com/.  She’s traipsing around Dubai, Egypt and Israel this week and next.  Gorgeous, gorgeous photos!  This is my favorite so far…

Speaking of travel, head over to Lisa’s blog myartfullife.wordpress.com and check out the amazing piece she wrote about a trip to Tunisia some years back.


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  1. Holy cow- I can’t keep up with you! My year doesn’t look as exciting! However, I appreciate you posting that photo- that is my favorite shot as well! As for the 48 hour drive to Disney- I would rethink that one! Yikes

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