Yep, headed down again with Coreena.  This time it’s her birthday and we’ve got two plays:

Love Loss and What I Wore (yeah, I know we saw it already, but it’s a new cast… and Phantom

Then there’s high tea at the Russian Tea Room

Alan has the feeling that this is going to be bigger than what he’d planned for my 50th in NYC, and I suspect he’s none too happy about it since it was to be a huge gift from him (and I think he’s right).  Guess I’d better get busy rethinking my plans for my 50th!


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One response to “NYC III

  1. I feel your pain on Phantom. We saw that last year, after a 20 year break….I couldn’t believe how far theater has come since we saw that when we were engaged. I found myself disappointed that it was so plain. Yet, when we were engaged it was the rage. I still loved it though-

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