good decisions

you ever make them, knowing they’re right, but still feel bad about them?  I mean I normally go to a friend’s house on Thursday, but I am sooo far from being ready to leave tomorrow morning at 5:00 am that I had to cancel.  She’d made a large amount of food and is pretty ticked.  I guess I could lug my hair dye, two pairs of pants to hem, scripture study for Monday over and try to get it done there, but that’s pretty silly.  Sigh… I hate disappointing a friend, but you gotta do, what you gotta do.  I’ll help her eat leftovers next week…



Filed under Attitude, Friends

2 responses to “good decisions

  1. Christopher

    hmmm thats too bad momma

  2. This happens. It’s happened to me, on both ends of the arrangement. Hope your friend doesn’t stay mad.

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