Me: Five Years From Now

So, I’m planning this tea party and I’m wanting it to be uplifting and motivating, not intimidating.   Found this great book on the last chance shelf at Barnes and Noble and had to have it.  Four main areas:  Emotional/Physical; Family/Relationships; Home/Community; Work/School.

I’m thinking it should be pretty loose so if your ambitions are to learn to knit, then use that.  If your ambition is to be debt free, use that; if it’s to own your own business use that; if it’s to be supreme commander of the universe?  Take a valium and I’ll get back to you.  You get the idea.  Just some foreward thinking action.  The fun part is if you’re idea is to be a published author, then you’d actually make a mock up book cover and bring that along.  If it’s to learn to knit go buy a pattern for something gorgeous you want to be able to make.  Bring a picture of your dream camera, dream vacation, dream date.  Dress in a business suit (you’re on your way to a meeting with a potential investor for your business).   The idea is to have fun with this.  Yeah, I’ll probably try to drag people together again in five years to see how we did, but what the heck?!  You don’t lose brownie points for having had an idea that didn’t come to fruition, but you do  lose them for not daring to dream in the first place.

So come on my lovelies, lets have some fun.  Get those invincible first grade thinking caps on and give some thought to what it is you would love to have, be, do, see, think, feel, etc. five years from now…  Invites will be forthcoming…


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