weekend fun…

began Friday afternoon…

Drove a couple hours north and went to a scrapbooking event.  It also turned out to be one of the attendees 50th birthday.  To celebrate (?!)  the host ordered a stripper.  It was a bit raunchy and rude, so no I don’t want one when I turn 50, but my gosh was it stinkin’ funny!!!  Okay, not so much when he came over to me!  Talk about embarassed. Howling though.  Pauline (the stinker) was quick to dive around the other side of the table, but I figured “older greying heavy set black woman — I’m safe, I can sit right here and keep taking pictures of everyone else.”  Miscalculation on my part.  I’m certain I had the  “Oh crap!”  look on my face when he stopped in front of me… Laughed my butt off.  I’ll upload a couple pics of the hotel and the one of me once Pauline sends it.

Saturday, got up around 5:30 am and scraped wallpaper and then painted the one wall of my bedroom.  Took me two hours to get it all scraped down, but it felt good to have that much done finally.  Still needs another coat in another color, but it’s better than what was there.  

I brought the movie Leap Year over to Pauline’s and we had a good laugh over that before I crawled back home and sacked out on the couch watching the “Ghost and Mrs. Muir.”  Gene Tierney is just so gorgeous!  Don’t remember much else about Saturday. 

Sunday was church followed by tea at my buddy Lisa’s house.  She has to be the most artistic person I know and I know some insanely artistic people.  She recently earned her MFA and is a college art professor these days.  Seriously cool.  It was really neat to meet up again with some of the ladies from Antiquiteas tea days.  I put down a deposit and committed to my own tea with Trudie.  A Come As You Will Be tea.  More on that later.

Gorgeous idea for a vision board!!

So this Friday it’s off to the women’s conference in North Reading, then back home Saturday for General Conference, then next Friday is the Twilight/Sleepless tour with Megan, then back home and the National Scrapbook Day crop at Pauline’s , then Matthew comes home and Garrett’s on vacation, finally the next Friday Christopher graduates.  April is going to be nuts!!


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  1. Christopher

    Some people just get all the fun hahaha, my momma’s is going to “scrapbook meetings” with strippers hahahaha

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