Monday, Monday

can’t trust that day…  I am doing the chicken dance today and feathers are a’flyin’!  Digging through my suitcase to get dressed this morning, then seminary, then work, now off to a meeting in Concord, then home to clean, do laundry and start packing, then a town meeting in Londonderry at 7pm (thankfully I can slip in some merit badge work for Garrett while I’m there), then sleep. 

Still haven’t got a replacement for my seminary class yet.  Not sure what I’m waiting for.  Maybe I’ll just ask the hubby to do it.  Or someone from my upline.  We’ll see.  In any event, I finished the plans for the trip west with the Muppet.  Excited to post photos and blog about that.  Won’t be the same gorgeousness that Angela comes up with from her trips, but I’m still psyched!

Okay, off to drive north.  We’ll “talk” again tomorrow before I leave!


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  1. Oh my goodness, what a schedule you keep!!! Love the image of the feathers flying. I look forward to your next travel pics – it’s sure to be a fun ride for all of us. Safe driving today, too.

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