damn the falling fuselage

full speed ahead!! 

I’m off on Southwest tomorrow for my movie trip with the Muppet.  I’m really getting excited!!  Here’s the general itinerary…

Drive to Pacific coast, Twilight Tour (Forks, La Push and Port Angeles), Bella Italia Restaurant

Drive to Seattle and do the Sleepless in Seattle  – http://www.filminamerica.com/Movies/SleeplessInSeattle/  movie tour – House Boat/Lake Union, Alki Beach and Pike Place Farmer’s Market

Rest of Seattle Tour – Pioneer Square – art galleries, antique shops and bookstores,   Giant Bridge Troll – Underneath the Aurora bridge lurks an interesting watcher, holding a VW bug in one hand. He is the Giant Bridge Troll, the protector and guardian of the Aurora Bridge.  Space Needle Observation Deck.  I’m hoping it’s a bit reminiscent of Bella and Edward in the stupid tall trees in Twilight.  At least with that kind of view.

So, as excited as I am about travel (one of my favorite things) I am over the top about seeing my little muppet again!!  She’s only been gone from home for about three plus months but I’ve really missed her.  Back to girly stuff for me.  No more feeling overwhelmed by the testoterone floating round the house.  : )  She watches sappy movies with me.  Is brave enough to say, “Yes Mom that makes you look fat” but also says really great things like “That was a beautiful painting you made.”  Yep.  Sure miss my Muppet!



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4 responses to “damn the falling fuselage

  1. This sounds wonderful! I had no idea you excel at experience-the-film-when-you-travel tour creation! Although I’ve not (yet) read the Twilight books, I do indeed know “Sleepless …” Can’t wait to see pics of you and The Muppet! Fun times for you two. Bring on the estrogen!

  2. Kristin Brænne


  3. coreenal

    Give my niece an Aunt Coreena hug!! Have enough fun for me too!! I love you both.

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