there and back again…

Yes! I’m alive!! Barely. I feel as though I’m going 90 miles an hour in quicksand. Ugh. Didn’t make it in to work yesterday, which I kinda figured. Slept all day and then couldn’t sleep last night, so in late today, which is okay because I have to go to a meeting at 7pm tonight, so it works out okay, but man I’m whipped! What was supposed to be a relatively inexpensive few days with Megan ended up being stupid expensive mostly because we spent a lot before we ever left Idaho shipping her stuff home. If we had had time I would have asked her to purge more, but as it was, I just had her dump stuff in boxes. Who’s sorry now? Me. Once again you can’t move around my house. The kitchen is filled with laundry and Megan’s luggage. The blue room has two humongous totes of scout stuff (which Alan can’t put back in the trailer because the sled is in there and has to wait for someone with a trailer hitch to haul the trailer over to church to dump the sled so there’s room for the totes). I don’t even want to talk about the mess my room is in. What happened?! I need a personal assistant, housekeeper and cook.  Just for the next few months.


The women’s conference was really good. Mostly about stepping into what HF has called us to do. I’m so not there. It’s all I can do to teach seminary and I feel as though I’m failing at that because we really haven’t worked on scripture masterly at all. sigh… I love going to Coreena’s church’s conferences for the music if nothing else. Garrett gets a kick out of the fact that they have electric guitars and drums in their chapel. Certainly sets the tone if you’re trying to get folks riled up!

Saw most of the rest of my church’s general conference, but not all of it. I’m waiting for the magazine. Still never finished reading last conference’s talks, so I feel a little bad about that, but I’m determined to really focus on what was said and try to incorporate it into my life in a real way. Who am I kidding? I’m struggling to pay tithing, hold FHE and go to church. I’ve all but given up on family prayer and scripture study. Okay, but I’d like to be doing all that and add the other stuff in. : )

I’m stupid behind at work and stressing over it, but if I stop and think about it, it’s none of it life critical so I should let it go. I’ve decided my mantra until I someday learn it is Let Go and Let God. I’m so not good at that and need to be. There is so much we can’t control, but feel responsible to do so because we’re the wife, mother, daughter, employee, etc. Enough already. I’m determined to do what I can do and let the rest go. No more beating up on myself because I can’t do and be everything. (That goes for you too!)

I was surprised to find that my favorite part of the Forks/Seattle trip was actually looking at the Cascade mountains as we drove back and forth several times. My next favorite was probably the Twilight tour. More for the humor of the tour guide than anything we actually saw. The bed and breakfast was very homey and the couple running it just lovely. Seattle was really cool and I loved Alki beach in particular. 

I signed up for this online soul searching art class thingy and I’m freaking over it already. Why I thought I would have time for this I don’t know, but don’t feel I can spend the time when my house looks like something out of hoarders!! I guess I’m tweaking over the house more than I thought. So, that will have to be my next priority after time with Alan and getting caught back up at work (to my normal behindedness).  The soul searching will be limited to journal writing and I’ll get around to the art part at some point.

Uploading pictures from the trip soon!


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  1. Oh, Jenny …. breathe! Whew — the trip sounds jam-packed with lots of great stuff (including those beloved memories). Good luck with the rearranging of kids’ stuff in the house. I’ve always said that the preparation for vacations and catch-up afterwards take more work than seems fair. Hope you get to rest this weekend.

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