doing nothing days

Oh sweeties, head over to Brocante Home and read today’s post.   It’s where I’m at, but can’t quite let myself off the hook having been out of the office for several days and work ganging up on me.  Especially when I know I get to escape for an entire week in just over two weeks.  I love this line in particular,

I want to STOP. I want to let myself waste time. I want to sit here and do absolutely nothing even remotely productive and feel that it is ok: that doing nothing at all doesn’t make me a bad person (I live in fear of being my own idea of a bad person). 



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2 responses to “doing nothing days

  1. What a perfectly lovely message to receive this morning! As I drive to an appoitment and realize that less than stellar days in the classroom leave me feeling like a personal failure, which sends me on a downward slope of hopelessness. Showed a video interview with author Leslie Silke yesterday, in which she says sometimes we need to spend time alone. Seems a fine partner with Brocante Home’s STOP and do nothing in particular. Well, the sun is shining and it’s Thursday. Enjoy. And may you find a few minutes to stop and do nothing!

    • snydeen

      You’re right. I can’t take the day off, but I WILL find a few minutes to stop and do nothing. Great idea — especially given the weather. Thank you!

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