thank you

This is a public “Thank you” to one of my besties, Coreena.  She went to New York on her own mission and yet found the time to go pick up the poster I bought from “Love, Loss and What I Wore” and tote it all the way back home.  Wow.  Greater love hath no man, than to pick up an ungainly poster and tote it four hours for a friend!

Love, Loss

This isn’t my poster, but same idea and signed by the cast that was on the night we watched it.  Seriously cool!  I’m really happy to have it as a tangible reminder of a really fun night with my adopted sister Coreena.



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3 responses to “thank you

  1. I love love love Tyne Daly! And what a dear friend Coreena is! Yahoo for the poster delivery.

  2. jan

    I love your Fantastic Life!

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