alrighty then

This is an incredibly accurate depiction of where I’m hurting the most.  What a week this is already and it’s just Monday afternoon!  Went to see a friend in the hospital and that was a bit of a downer since she wasn’t awake long enough to joke with and perk up.  Bummer.  Hopefully it matters anyway — I didn’t want to just do a “checked that off my list” visit.  Plowed under crazy with work and occasionally personalities makes that even more difficult.  I’m thinking I’m going home, put on blinders step over, under around and through the mess and work on my Soul Restoration art projects.  Probably with an ice pack on my neck.

Can I tell you how grateful I am for God’s grace.  Not sure how I’d get out of the bed in the morning without it!  It will carry me through…



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2 responses to “alrighty then

  1. oh Jenny! And it’s only Monday. Hope things lighten up a bit quickly.

  2. snydeen

    The ice pack helped a little, but sleep helped more. Still have the stupid headache, but it’s better. I’ll take that for a start.

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