mish mosh

That’s the best description of today.  It is weird to be so manic before 10 in the morning!

So…  American Idol, falling totally in love with J. Lo  Saw her People pictures for Most Beautiful Woman in America and I have to agree.  I’m more impressed because she’s doing that at 41 after twins!  She works out (seriously) four days a week.  I’m just trying to get back up to 3 per week!  The Loreal people were geniuses to choose her.  I bought most of the Ever Sleek hair line for the muppet based on those ads.

Speaking of Idol, we’re getting down to where the decisions are painful and I’m still not calling in.  Well, I might actually this week.  My favorites at the moment are Casey and Scotty.  My hope is that most if not all of the top ten get contracts, because I would love to hear much more from them.

Reading like crazy this year and just finished “Like Water for Elephants.”  For once I had to agree with a cover review, “Gritty, sensual and charged with dark secrets involving love, murder and a majestic mute heroine.”  I hope the movie does it justice.

Then I’m still working through “Reading Jackie”  I’ve gotta say, unlike reading Audrey’s autobiography I’m NOT liking her the more I read.  The word “elitist” comes to mind.  On the other hand, her daughter Caroline has a new book called “She Walks In Beauty: A Woman’s Journey Through Poems” and it looks intriguing.  Finally, there’s another book I want to check out by Deborah Owens called “A Purse of Your Own”  It’s another financial guide, but this one goes a bit farther and suggests creating a “purse-group” support network to foster wise financial decision-making.

Mostly thinking dresses for this summer, but I saw an ad for a white linen jcpenney suit that I absolutely LOVED, so I have to head over to JCP and try on at least a pair of white linen trousers.  Uh, no.  The view from behind was just a bit scary!

On the other hand, I tried on this Jones Wear Dress and LOVED it!! 

Found this one when I went looking for dresses online and it might replace it…

I have to check in with my style consultants first (Coreena and the Muppet).



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3 responses to “mish mosh

  1. It never fails: your blog posts prompt at least a belly laugh, if not a full out snort. LOVE YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR! I was applauding your fashion daring to head right on over to JCP and try on those sassy white linen pants, and then you confessed to an about-face after a rear view evaluation! How many times have I been there myself?! Those dresses look so feminine and comfortable, perfect for hot weather.
    Thanks for the chuckles —

    p.s I think Caroline K is probably more accessible than her mother was; she is one generation removed from the Camelot image, and all.

  2. Love the dresses- looks perfect for Disney….jealous in a big time way!

  3. Christopher

    Go gett’m momma!

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