the number of miles we traveled round trip.  I am still tired.  We left April 30th and drove to Virginia to celebrate my oldest graduating college…

Southern Viriginia University – Business Major

After we loaded a stupid amount of college leftovers into the van we travelled another 4 hours or so down to Richburg, North Carolina where we stopped for pizza and had probably the best moments of the entire trip…

This outrageously funny moment brought to you courtesy of Dad...

We spent the night.  Then up early and off to Savannah.  LOVED it! 

My favorite Savannah picture

The parks and houses in Savannah are just breathtaking.  Our first stop, we went by the house from “Midnight In the Garden of Good and Evil” (nope haven’t read it or seen the movie), then saw the Juliette Gordon Low birthplace (girl scout founder), then kept circling the same park trying to find the spot where they filmed the bus stop scene from Forrest Gump.  Drove by it about four times and ended up taking our picture at the wrong spot.  Then drove over to this gas tank that is a giant world globe, visited the olmpic torch and the statue of the waving girl and ended up at the Keller flea market.  Then back in the car to drive the rest of the way to Kissimmee, Florida to our condo for the week.  More once I get more photos set up.  Just one tip — Disney and Universal on a shoe string might not be your best bet unless you’ve mentally prepped yourself.  We hadn’t.  Also, if you can avoid 9pm to 2am emergency room visits, that might be best (Alan and kidney stones…)

CAT Scan Corridor


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  1. Nice photos- I love the graduation photo. Let’s set up a family picture date- Glad you are back!

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