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are unspeakably gorgeous and imminently frustrating because I can’t rip and tear pages and hang them/glue them places.  So, the latest gem I stumbled across was:  Seriously cool.  I had fun with the Porthault Linen article and while I’ve always loved the idea of Porthault Linens, I never quite knew what all went into the fantastic price tag.  Now I do.

They also did these cool interviews with different boutique owners and I decided to answer the same questions for fun.

Tea or Coffee?  Herbal Tea

 I collect…  Memories, Books, Photos, and Movies

 Favorite City?  Wow.  Toss up.  I’m really fond of New York and Boston right now.

 Spring or Fall?  Fall

 Bloom of Choice?  (Like I could choose one…)  Okay, if I have to — stock.

 Style icon?  Audrey Hepburn

 Fragrance?  No idea, but I’m thinking I’ll give Chanel No. 5 another shot.  My body chemistry has changed and I can’t wear Cristalle Chanel any longer.  Opium is great, but heavy.

 Linens?  I would LOVE to own Porthault Linens (see above), but for now whatever I can find 300 count or above at Home Goods in a pretty floral or smooth white.

 ChinaPattern?  Wedgwood.  I forget the name but it’s retired.  I have a full 10 place setting.  Engagement present from my hubby.  Over 20 years later and I still love it.  Classic. 

 Lusting after?  A MomCave

 Prized Possession?  My scrapbooks

 Girl Crush?  Kate Winslet

 Boy Crush?  Jude Law, Hugh Jackman, Denzel Washington

 On weekends?  I sleep way too much, read, watch movies and go to church.


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