at the ballet

Saturday Coreena treated me to the wonderful experience of the Boston Ballet performing Ballanchine/Robbins.  Our seats were Orchestra 3rd row center (perfect!)

We got there early so we were able to look around for food and happened upon the wonderful Restaurant Marliave  The service was terriffic and the food was wonderful.  We were downstairs in the room with the bar and it didn’t feel like dinner at a bar.  You know what I mean?  Just perfect.

So back to the Boston Opera House…

Absolutely adore their chandeliers!!

The first piece was very traditional and Coreena’s favorite — Divertimento No. 15 with music from Wolfgang A. Mozart

The next piece was much more contemporary and my favorite — Afternoon of a Faun with music by Claude Debussy

Image from the New York Ballet. Couldn't find one from Boston

Then Antique Epigrahs – reminiscent of the 60s.  The ballerinas wore these gauze empire waist dresses over unitards in multiple colors and it was just gorgeous.

The final piece was Symphony in Three Movements with music by Igor Stravinsky.

I can’t wait to do it again.  Not likely the seats will be that amazing but still… Next time we’re ordering the beef wellington at Marliave’s.

Note:  All photos are from Google images…



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2 responses to “at the ballet

  1. Nice- Always pays to have a friend with tickets. Just so you know free museum day is Wed across the country, so the art museum is free in Boston.
    I didn’t get a chance to talk to you yesterday outside our brief exchange in RS….miss you!n We need to get caught up!

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