I’m working through this project from Brocante Home called “Muse.”  The next 14 days have to do with wardrobe.  My favorite lines are:  “Life will happen regardless and what you look like probably won’t make a jot of difference to anybody but you,”  also, “When we allow our Muse to guide us towards a true sense of our own personal style, we teach ourselves to wear clothes instead of letting them wear us.  We cease being bored by the very idea of getting dressed and begin to see dressing UP as part of the indulgent experience we once looked forward to as little girls.  Little girls who couldn’t wait to grow up into the gorgeous glamorouse women we could be.”

So in the sense of letting my MUSE have free reign, I found this today over at and WOW!! Yeah, I know I’m not 5’10” and thin as anything, but I still love this look!

The second picture is one I’ve had for a bit, but love it just the same.  Maybe it’s the leather and I’m letting my inner biker chick out. Hahahahahaahahahahahaha


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  1. jan

    I love those boots.

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