Anniversary Ideas

Number 23 this year.  Blows my mind.  It shouldn’t.  For as crazy as we make each other, we really do love each other to distraction.  So, what to do to celebrate.  Thankfully he allows me to come up with ideas, so I’m thinking with the “baby” being 16 and everyone else home, we’re safe to head off for a weekend away — June 4-5. 

I’m thinking either Maine coast or Boston.  Bumming it’s not Brimfield weekend.  These were some cute ideas also, but I (of course) wanted more…



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7 responses to “Anniversary Ideas

  1. Happy Anniversary and enjoy your week-end away. Fabulous wedding pic – thanks for sharing it!

  2. snydeen

    Nope. That’s the weekend of the town-wide yard sale, the next town over. Too much fun to pass up. So we’ve decided to put off celebrating the anniversary until July’s Brimfield and do an overnight there instead. Yahoo! I’m thinking we should still plan to visit Boston and Maine over the summer…

  3. Oh my oh my … what a magnificent photo of you two! Time and life’s trials have had *no* impact on that special sparkle in your eyes, Jenny! I just love this pic. You guys deserve a wonderful weekend celebration, but I agree that it’s the *where* that’s the pickle. Enjoy and please, post photos!

  4. You guys are sizzling…love this shot so dang much!

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