the hand towel

so I have this friend (who shall remain nameless) that has this seriously gorgeous bathroom on the counter of which sits some seriously gorgeous hand towels– something like these but in a sagey green…

The cool thing is in all the years that she’s had this gorgeous bathroom, I’ve only ever used the gorgeous hand towels once.  This is a huge honor.  It means I’m family.  Let me explain.  Just underneath the sink and to the left are several drawers.  The top drawer holds the “family” hand towel leaving the gorgeous towels for visiting dignitaries.  It’s great to know that I could certainly grab hold of the yummy designer towel to dry my digits, but the true blessing comes in knowing I’m family and know where the family towel is. 

A bit silly?  Perhaps, but some wise person once said, “Friends become our chosen family.”  I believe that with all my heart.



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2 responses to “the hand towel

  1. HA HA This is funny…..I am too insecure to invite you to my bathroom with Target towels…they may be dirty!

    • snydeen

      Okay, I try to make sure mine are clean, but they’re never gorgeous like my bud’s. If I’m at your home worrying about how your towels look, I’m so there for the wrong reason! Besides you have those awesome Playbills to distract from anything you’re not happy with.

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