Things that make my heart explode (today)

… my 16 year old doing laundry and dishes without being asked because he was bored!

… my oldest son finding a “friend” who makes him happy.

… my middle son’s faith.

… the Muppet having fun with friends who are real friends

… my husband giving me a hug just cause I look like I need one.

… music like — As I Search The Holy Scriptures, TikTok, Suite for Solo Cello No. 1 performed by Yo-Yo Ma, Broken Hallelujah, Gonna Make You Sweat, Alabaster Box, I could go on forever

… My I Love You playlist from Alan

… all my family laughing together

… hearing great news from a friend

… knowing I have a best friend who ALWAYS has my back

… spring flowers

… unlimited book buying power at  Barnes and Noble

… finding the perfect gift for someone

… a seriously cool outfit that still looks that way after I put it on at my current size!

… a good hair day

… travelling (well actually arriving and touring — the travelling unless it’s by train not so much)

… people who read my blog  (but especially people who comment (nicely) on my blog!)

What about you?


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One response to “Things that make my heart explode (today)

  1. Your list is inspiring me to make one of my own. FanTAStic!

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