the world’s great cities (in my opinion)

that’s my newest addition to my bucket list.  To visit them all.  I figure I’m covering quite a few just by visiting all 50 states (yeah, I love my country), but I like the idea of another travel addition to my bucket list.  It’s easier than naming countries I want to visit, sorta.

I’ve already covered: New York, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Portsmouth, Boston, Dallas, Seattle, Philadelphia, Toronto, London, Paris, Frankfurt, and Berlin. 

This leaves a whole slew of them in Italy (see the blog about our 25th anniversary), Prague, Madrid, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Hong Kong, Mexico City, Brisbane, Auckland, Sydney, Osaka, Minneapolis, Dubai, Monaco, St. Petersburg, and I’m sure a ton more that aren’t coming to mind at the moment.

Chicago Riverwalk by Singature Style

All of this musing prompted by Sing’Ature Style’s blogs entitled “Lunch Time Snaps.”  I love her view of the Chicago Riverwalk and can’t wait to visit Chicago.  I’ve driven through Illinois quite a few times, but Chicago only once at night on a bus.  Seeing the bus terminal at night, so doesn’t count.



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2 responses to “the world’s great cities (in my opinion)

  1. Hey thanks for the shout out and the feature! I hope you make it here soon, especially in the Summer when the city is fully alive with many activities. Next up is Chicago Blues Fest June 10-12. Hope to document that event.

  2. Oh boy I love Chicago and it is probably my favorite US city…used to hit that all of the time when we lived on the border or IA and IL….rumor has it my city in law may be soon getting engaged and moving to Chicago, post wedding, that will give me tons of excuses to go there! Miss you- hope your holiday weekend is a good one!

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