So.. I read this blog today and was something (shocked, perturbed, surprised, interested, I have no idea) when I read it.  It made me think though, and that’s always a good thing.  The blog itself was about taking stock, also a really good thing.  The part that got me was the opening…

“I don’t use my blog to discuss my personal opinions on music, movies, television shows, politics, specific religions, etc. Instead, I try to devote my writing to overall spirituality, inspiration, creativity, epiphany, struggle leading to triumph, beauty, gratitude, and so forth. Mixing i[n] personal commentary regarding preferences in entertainment or opinions as to politics and specific religious beliefs is not a good fit and in reality I don’t have any desire to share or impose my personal tastes in that regard on others.”

I guess it was the word “impose” that got to me.  I always think of blogs as sharing, and that people are free to come and go, believe or not believe, be inspired, be irritated, whatever, but by their very nature I view blogs as pretty personal and as sharing one’s personal tastes.  So, all that to say, as interesting a train of thought as this inspired, I gotta be me, so expect to read about what I think feel, see, taste, saw, heard, read, photographed, love, hate, aspire to, look down upon, laugh at, etc.  In short, about me and all my foibles.  Phew.  Glad I got that out!


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  1. jan

    The person who wrote that certainly sounds like they imposed some heavy policies about freedom to create and express on themselves–kind of feel sorry for them….you rock, jen!

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