did I ever mention my love/hate relationship with technology?  I am very disappointed to relate the news that the bulk of the family vacation photos cannot be retrieved from the computer hell I’ve apparently sent them to. 

Gang's all here... Epcot first thing in the park heading toward Soarin' Seriously cool ride.

Not being the most computer savvy being on the planet I was dumb enough to save my photos in hmt format only to discover this format isn’t supported any longer.  Great.  I’ve erased them from the disc.  I’ll have to fight the good fight and see if an updated version of Windows Media Player will help bring them back.  Alternately, I’m stuck with the few that (now thankfully) would not convert.  I’m sooo glad I put my favorite Savannah picture on the blog as it is part of the group now lost… Ugh.  While it’s a good thing for the budget it’s going to wreak havoc with my scrapbooking plans for this weekend!!


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