Brocante Home

I’m thrilled to report that Allison is back blogging and had to share this little gem from today’s post about the Patty Fairfield books which I now must purchase at least the one copy. 

“I do so wish I could reign [my]self in. That I were not quite so given to being too much. Too big, too greedy for words and writers and dreams and donuts and sex and ideas. When I am eating I eat and eat and eat. When I was dating I dated not just a few men, but oooh, hundreds of peculiar specimens. When I go magazine shopping I am not content with one magazine but have to leave the shop with an armful. More is more is more is more. Until I decide that less is the way forward and then I’m all theory and forcing those who don’t give a damn to listen to my latest faddy nonsense. And don’t get me started on keeping house: if it’s pretty I’m there polishing and preening and fussing and cleaning and if it’s not, well then, I’m not. This house is either a palace or a pigsty and sometimes it’s both at the same time but there is no in-between. Look, look and now look away!”

Go read the rest of it here…



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2 responses to “Brocante Home

  1. Wonderful sentiments in her post. Food for thought … without gorging on too much (!) Thank you for hot link to Brocante Home – I am going to have to make a cup of tea, put my feet up, and spend some time visiting her world. She’s got me hooked with the red polka dots!

  2. Oh great- I loved her blog…..although I have to admit that I wish she could come over and do something with this place!

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