Apparently I’m in a redo the house mood of late, and lucky me I’m finding inspiration on all my favorite blog sites.  I remember when I was young saying I didn’ t like certain colors, and okay there are probably shades of various colors that I would neither wear nor decorate myhome with even today.  On the other hand, I have gained an immense appreciation for any color done well.  Yellow was never one of my favorites except in flowers, but wow.  I think I need to find out who the photographer is and order this door print for my kitchen.  Yum!!

Then can we just talk about this chair for a minute?  I’ve always been fond of purple, but rarely had the nerve to wear it and couldn’t think of how to work it into my house.  I may have to rethink that after seeing this chair!

Head on over to and check out all the other yummy stuff on her site.  Currently in Venice, I can’t wait to see her uploads from there!!



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2 responses to “color

  1. YES YES YES- I love all of this. Love the color. I think if I were to redo everything I would go full blown color.

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