A Year By The Sea: Thoughts of An unfinished Woman

So, I finished reading the June book (although I missed the sand sculpture competition and it looks like a trip to Plum Island will have to wait until July).

Really good stuff in there…

Perhaps I’ve held onto control out of fear that if I didn’t, the whole family would go down the drain.  I’ve been labeled strong, even resilient, two admirable traits that have been my undoing.  But one day I caught on to the burden that goes with control:  The controller does most of the work!

Being alone doesn’t come easily to someone who has always liked inclusion.

  … I’ve no choice now but to fall in love as soon as possible – not with a man but with my immediate life and eventually myself.

…moments evaporate so quietly that you don’t realize it’s the last time until long afterward.

 It’s hard for most women I know to state what they want, because they’ve gotten used to wanting only what’s available.

 What do you want?  We usually answer with some material object.  Imagine if we said something like a better state of mind, or togetherness, or simply to be surrounded by laughter.

Figuring we get to experience only seventy or eighty Christmases in a lifetime, I am determined to enjoy this one my way, no matter who is or isn’t around.

I reverted to hating my body.  All that was reflected in the mirror was sagging breasts, minimal waist, a pear shaped person who was no longer sexy or desirable.  I no longer intend to hide my feelings and aspirations in fat.

 I’m 50.  I’ll be lucky if I reach eighty.  I have 360 months left!

…the task of the unfinished woman is to acknowledge her life is a work in progress…

 Like me, he is on a new path.  I can only sit by and honor what is unfinished in him – in all of us.

Excited about next month’s book as well.  Self Portrait by Gene Tierney–her autobiography.  Old Hollywood beautiful.  Can’t say I know much about her, but I loved the Ghost and Mrs. Muir and I’m planning to find a copy of Laura (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laura_(1944_film) somewhere.  Watching Laura is the activity for the July book.



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9 responses to “A Year By The Sea: Thoughts of An unfinished Woman

  1. I really enjoyed this book. Imagine having read it a few weeks AFTER the author was at my local library.

  2. I think I might buy this today- Did you like it? Tell me more!

  3. I am laughing I just went to the authors website

    My six step process is all about retreating in order to retrieve lost strength, repair our inner selves, and then regroup by lightening our load, regenerating our spirits, and returning new to an old place. A weekend by the sea (and elsewhere) helps a woman rearrange her life in her own image.

    Now go read my blog post that I wrote PRIOR to your entry….I could have skipped posting and just gone to a retreat……

  4. janeen kelley

    Loved this book-really insightful! I read it about 5 years ago and my life is so different now…make me want to give it another day in court!

  5. This book is one of my favorites. I also read it a long time ago. Thank you for sharing.

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