SERENDIPITY ser·en·dip·i·ty (sĕrˌən-dĭpˈĭ-tē) n. an aptitude for making desireable discoveries by accident.  (The Random House College Dictionary.)

Did I mention I’m taking a course called “Raining Umbrellas?”  I must have.  I am SO excited about it!  Check it out here…  Today is day one and  I’ve got to say I’m nutty about the exercises and activities so far.  So today’s exercise is about the word Serendipity.  We’re to write about, draw, design, or photograph our perspective of the word.

First of all, I think it’s one of those words that sounds like what it is.  Like the word “delicious.”  See what I mean?  When I think of something being serendipitous my first thought is stumbling upon something wonderful by pure happenstance and that happens most often while I’m reading. 

Books that point to other books,

Blogs that link to other blogs,

Photos that spark an idea and send me off searching …

friends I’ve met through pure happenstance, and so on.

So while the word begins the same as the word “serene” I’d have to say anything serendipitous for me is usually anything but!



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18 responses to “serendipity

  1. Love it Jenny 🙂 so inspiring! these are real desireable discoveries 😉 I’m doing the e-course with you.

  2. janeen kelley

    Hi Snydeen.
    I’m a fellow ‘umbrella’ just stopping by to say hi! I love your blog! Also saw that you mentioned that you may want to improve your photog skills and had to recommend this course called ‘the photographer’s workshop’ at It’s an 8 week class that is soooo well organized, informative and easy to follow. She (karen) is an awesome teacher and really seems to care if you ‘get it’ or not. I am currently taking her class and wish I would have known about it 6 months ago. It’s a great starting point to dive into the nitty gritty of the photog world! She’s a big scrapbooker too, so you have that in common! Anyway, just thought I’d mention it becuase I’m really enjoying the class. There are so many online courses out there, it’s hard to know which ones are worth spending your hard earned money on.
    Ok, so I just re-read my post and it totally sounds like I’m a paid spokesperson for that class– Seriously, I’m not! just a happy customer!

    • snydeen

      Okay, I’ve outclassed myself… Wait that didn’t come out right, hahahaha. I mean I’ve signed up for too many courses all at once, so I’ll need a break to digest all this when I’m done, but a photography class would be just awesome! I’ll definitely look into it for the fall. Thank you! (So, make sure they send you your 10% for the plug!) Hahahaha

  3. Hi,
    I’m one of your fellow e-course classmates 🙂
    Loved your post and ways that you expressed your serendipitous moments!

  4. Interesting stuff- I popped over to see matissecolor’s blog…great photos. I love seing all of the courses you do. I would love to see a follow up post on how you were impacted when you are done with it. I visualize total self actualization in this whole project.

    • snydeen

      Ooooh good one. I’m sticking that on my calendar as a reminder. I’m not always good at the follow up piece, but that would definitely make it complete. Thanks Ang for the great idea!

  5. Happy umbrella-ing, Jenny! I’ve been receiving blog posts about the course but knew that my plate already overfloweth. But I will watch your experience happily from the sidelines. Tickled pink to see my blog (& banner!) included in your post on serendipity. Imagine all of the little serendipitous links that connect us!

    • snydeen

      You crack me up. I should have added your life to the list of lives I’d like to step into for a day. College professor and art — what a life! Let’s keep those links going and get together before the summer’s over!

  6. oh, this is good! so very true. and now more links to go see. always a good thing. also a fellow student from Raining Umbrellas.

  7. Good stuff! I got trigger happy with all your links. 🙂

    Loved your blog as well. You are HILARIOUS!

    (fellow Umbrella student)

  8. You chose a great theme..books….and very nicely done!

    Fellow classmate

  9. snydeen

    Thank you!

  10. Rachel

    Fab links, thanks for those 🙂

  11. In my opinion it is a good point of view. I often meet people who rather say what they suppose others want to hear. Good and well written! I will come back to your site for sure!

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