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So, I was just looking through my exercises I want to do over the weekend and realized I’m signed up for FOUR online classes at the same time.  What was I thinkin’?!  Well, honestly, I’m thinking how much fun and how challenging they are and how much more fun they’d be if I were independently wealthy and could devote more time to art in whatever form.  So, interested in what they are?

Soul Restoration 2 –  – “… We can’t have the life we want to have unless we know what we want…”

Raining Umbrellas – “… finding your creative niche lies in one, knowing who you are and two, not being afraid to try things.”

One Little Word – ”

and starting July 7th Design Challenges  “… by the end of four weeks you’ll have twelve new stories documented in creative unexpected ways!  … There is a little bit of magic that comes alogn with narrowing your focus…”

Yikes…  Fun, but perhaps a bit much for all at once.  Having said that I should probably not mention that I just signed up for a free class  “10 Summer Photos to Take Right Now” with Lisa Damrosch — over at Big Picture Classes.



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2 responses to “crazed

  1. OMG, Jenny! The enthusiasm! The passion! The creative energy you possess! This list is indeed a challenging roster of possibilities. How will you prioritize the exercises?

    • snydeen

      Thankfully SR2 is a weekly thing, Umbrellas is almost daily, but I’m just fitting that in during breaks or lunch at work to start it and then it doesn’t take tooo long once I get home, One Little Word is once a month, and the Design Challenges I’ll just take as they come. It’s kinda of like deciding which end of the banana split to eat first! Yummers!!

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