Fashion follow up

All I can say is, yeah, drawing is not my gift… : )   I got my daughter to do Audrey’s hair for me.  It was beyond me once I got the face done (not saying it looks like her, just that I got it done…) 



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3 responses to “Fashion follow up

  1. congrats! 🙂 your drawings are great! mine are so childish. love your idea of fashion. Audrey is definitely fashion 😉 well done!

  2. Very nice, Jenny! That’s great that you and your daugher worked as a team on this. 🙂

    I’m sure you’ll get more comments on Tuesday after the 4th of July weekend is over. Great work!

  3. i think you did a great job for someone that says they cannot draw. i can see her in a dress made with this style, simple, sweet, but showing her body in a way to make men look, haha…

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