Celebrating the 4th

I usually like to watch Indepence Day, have Alan barbecue and hide from the sun, but this year was a little different.  The hubby is gone to scout camp for the week leaving the rest of us to fend.  The kids all wanted to scatter, but I was determined we were going to make a family memory.  So once I got them all up and moving we grabbed sandwiches at the Subway at Walmart (where we picked up sunblock) and headed for the beach. 

Hampton Beach had absolutely no parking and since they’re not shy about towing if you’re in the wrong spot, we took it up the road to Wallis Sands Beach.  High tide and crowded, but we nestled our way in…

It was still a lot of fun and at one point I even made it all the way into the water.  Never done that in New England before.  The poor Muppet was dying for someone to go in with her and G-Man was taking a break…

Manly Man composed poetry in the sand..

“I am a poem, made in the sand, if you can read me, place your hand…”  Of course little brother came along later and stomped all over it.  Manly only went in once up the mid-calf to get a picture of a sailboat for me — he was recovering from battle wounds of some game with his best friend.

Someone who shall remain nameless, but whose photo is below never got anywhere near the water!

I went for a short walk over to the rock wall that separates the state beach from the town beach and got a few pictures.

G-Man got to hang with a friend for a while, but then…

G-Man pointing to a lightening strike.

The skies got to be over cast but we stuck it out hoping the clouds would roll past.  Didn’t happen.  It started to thunder and lightning, then rain. 

We were among the last to leave the beach when we finally gave up on the idea of seacoast fireworks and headed inland. 

But what to do for two hours while we waited for the dark and fireworks?  Transformers 3 of course!

There were a few minutes of debate owing to the need for a couple of us to arise early on the 5th, but what the heck the night is still young!  So we headed over to Fisher Kats stadium to watch the fireworks.  We ended up scoring perfect fireworks seats (thanks to Bear’s best friend) and getting parking close to the park and in a great spot for exiting.  This has to be one of our more memorable 4ths.  Hope yours was as much fun!



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3 responses to “Celebrating the 4th

  1. it sounds like a full day 🙂 glad you all can have so much good memories. thank you for sharing. it’s the first time I read something personnal about the 4th of July. we don’t have it in Portugal (naturally). don’t see fireworks for a long time. it’s such an amazing feeling! so beautiful. you were brave to go into the sea. I find it too cold around here.

  2. love the poem in the sand, by the way 😉

  3. You *do* live a most fantastic life! What a great and fulsome holiday you all had!

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