Gene Tierney

I finished “Gene Tierney – Self Portrait” on Friday.  Wow.  What a life she had.  Movies, movies, movies.  Married to Oleg Cassini amidst everyone’s protest, dating Jack Kennedy and Aly Khan, two daughters – one of whom was institutionalized as a very young child for mental retardation and her own mental breakdowns and stints in mental institutions.  32 Shock therapy treatments!

This is the “painting” from her most famous movie, “Laura” for which she received an academy award nomination.   It was interesting to read that it’s actually a painted over photograph as Otto Preminger didn’t like the original painting done by the wife of the director that he’d just fired.  Drama, drama, drama in Hollywoodland!  I was so excited when my hubby found the movie for $5.00 in a film noir collection at Walmart.  I was not as excited about the movie as I had hoped.  On the other hand, I am still in love with “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir” and I want to see her other movies if I can find them.  She seemed a very candid and caring person. 

Her second daughter Christina Cassini Belmont wrote a biography of her that I’d like to track down and read as well.  For now I’m going to get a headstart on the August read, “Outlander” by Diana Gabaldon.  I’ve tried it before and I’m hoping I get into it this time.



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4 responses to “Gene Tierney

  1. james davenport

    “Laura” is my favorite film, and I have beeb searching for a color photo of the famous portrait from the movie-where did you get the photo? Do you know if the original portrait from “Laura” still exists, and do you know where it is located? I am SO hoping to have it copied some day, in oils, to hang over MY mantle-any information you can give me, will be greatly appreciated-thanks!!
    James Davenport

  2. james davenport

    Here it is four years later, (June,2015,) and Laura’s portrait is hanging over my mantle! I went on EBAY and purchased a vintage (signed), 8″x10″, glossy photo of Gene Tierney, as “Laura”. I had a local print shop blow it up to an actual portrait size, and they printed it on canvas, so it looks wonderful, framed… James Davenport

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