Originality (Umbrellas Exercise)

origi·nal·ity (ə rij′i nal′ə tē)

the ability to think or express oneself  independently and individually.  (Random House Dictionary)

My perspective of the word originality probably best summed up in a quilt top that I made.  It was from a pattern, so not original in that sense, however it is the first quilt I’ve ever attempted and I couldn’t go with a traditional log cabin or the like, I had to do a crazy quilt.  I couldn’t just do a crazy quilt, I had to use all the difficult fabrics like silk and satin just to make things interesting.  I’m so glad we got this exercise.  It should come with Sinatra singing “My Way” in the background…


I’m so excited to go home and pull out my quilt and work on it again.  I LOVE this course!  Don’t bother calling I have a date with Judith Baker Montano and a quilt tonight!



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