Loved it.  Here are my favorite shots from this time…

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We didn’t realize we would be driving right alongside the path the tornado took, but it was pretty amazing to see.  They have a fund they’ve started for rebuilding.  I haven’t seen tornado damage since I left Kansas over 30 years ago!












The author of the new murder mystery “A Killing In Antiques”  Mary Moody was there selling copies of her paperback and signing them.

A Killing in Antiques (Lucy St. Elmo Antiques Series) by Mary Moody: Book Cover



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3 responses to “Brimfield

  1. good!! you’re back 🙂 the slide show is gorgeous. we did’t have tornados in Portugal but the last few years there have been little ones, two, three minutes, in very specific areas of the country. must be so scary, brrr.

  2. Love the slide show! Glad you had a good time. I’m late arriving with a comment as I didn’t get this post update in my email …

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