Creative Exercises

Didja miss me?!  I missed you guys…  Let’s see in the last week I watched the season opener to Warehouse 13 Season 3, Prayed for my son off interviewing for his first “support himself” job, went to a bridal shower; fed the sister missionaries; saw Harry Potter 7.2; went to Brimfield; heard my children speak in church; and finally, visited the Gardner museum with a friend for her birthday.  It was a busy week.  Not to mention hot and humid.  Gratitude to the hubby who put airconditioners in last night!

See what a week will do?  I have now lost my place in all my classes.  Ugh!  On the other hand, I’ve gone home nearly every night and done something creative.  Painting, decoupage, drawing…  Wahoo!

Let’s see, I’ve finished up (well the formal class part anyway) Soul Restoration 2.  LOVED it!  Much more than 1 and I’m much more likely to use all the tools I’ve created.  Similar to things I already had.  An illustrated discovery journal a la Sarah Ban Breathnach has become a life journal, and goal cards that I started with Trudy have morphed into “action” cards divided into time periods (5 min, 15 min, 30 min, 2 hours and a day).  All happily decorated (photos later I promise).

Let’s see the scrapbook Design Challenges – I’ve only sort of done the first one with journaling – no photos.  I may just use generic photos and not try to find pictures of myself to make that one a bit easier.  I’m thinking I”ll do the color orange one tonight.  (Again, photos later)

One Word – Just need to print out photos and write out lyrics and I’ll be caught up on that one. (Do I really have to say it?  Photos later.)

And finally Raining Umbrellas:

Assignments – I have the idea for my “seasons of life.”  My middle son is about to head off on a mission for our church.  I have pictures and memories of him galore, so I’m planning to do the seasons of his life.  Baby – toddler – preteen- teenager- young adult.  The next assignment was a gift exchange.  Cool!  I sent my  name in and I’m excited to get making something to give to a classmate.

Exercises – Seriously behind on these, so I’m cheating and writing them all up below:

Home – Home to me is anywhere my family is.  I suppose once the children are all gone, the only family at home with me will be Alan, but that’s still home.  I can be at home anywhere I’m loved, so my closest friend’s house is also my home.

Creativity – Scrapbook paper at the new Hobby Lobby in town.

 Wisdom – I found these chairs at Brimfield with tooled leather backs and was so tempted to buy them and brnig them home and create something gorgeous, but I made myself answer the all-imiportant question, “Where are you going to put them?”  Since I didn’t have an answer they stayed at the fair.  There is wisdom in knowing when to say “No” to yourself.

Adventure – Upcoming

  Joy – Violins at Brimfield.  I think there is no greater joy than listening to a beautiful piece of music.

Growth – Baby turkeys crossing the driveway learning to follow Mom and Dad and to survive.

 Beauty – I drive up and down this road at least a few times a month only this time I was determined to stop and take photos of all the gorgeous flowers.  This was my favorite from the day.  I love geraniums.

Friendship – My first thought was of my girlfriends whom I love dearly, but my next thought was of my family and I’m happy to report that I’ve managed to be friends with my children.  A parent first and foremost, but also a friend when needed. 

One week of creative exercises (photos from the soul restoration and design challenge classes once they’re uploaded).



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2 responses to “Creative Exercises

  1. wow 🙂 you did all the exercises in one post! the scrapbook paper at the Hobby Lobby is amazing!! wish we had so much choice in Portugal! people don’t have that kind of hobbies around here, there’s too much month at the end of the money. glad to have you back 🙂 love the little turkeys

  2. You are having a busy summer it sounds like, but still able to keep yup with the class…pictures say so much! Hope to go to Brimfiled myself one day. I’ve enjoyed your imaginative blog the past month./

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