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Okay, so my friend Angela challenged me a while back to write up what I learned from all the classes I was taking.  A really great idea actually.  So here goes…

Brocante Home Muse  – sadly the course didn’t get all the way done, but I was really getting into the reading.  I particularly loved the list of “14 ways to…”   There were twelve themes…  1. Greeting Your Muse, 2. Getting Intimate With Her, 3. Designing Ambition, 4. Creating Your Salon, 5. A-MUSE-ing Case Studies, 6. Your Muses Wardrobe, 7. Bringing Her To The Table, 8. Muse-ic, Magic and Ritual, 9. The Muse In the Boudoir, 10. Things That Sting, 11. Choosing Your Life’s Work, and 12. The Muse’s Legacy.  We made it to number 7, but I hope with all my heart that Allison starts it up again when life is more sane.

Design Challenges – I learned that I need a dedicated place to scrapbook that’s comfortable because otherwise it’s hard for me to sit down and get it done.

One Little Word – is still ongoing but I’ve liked the reminder to focus on the word I picked for the year.  My word is “simple” and all these various classes and the like all relate to it in some way.

Raining Umbrellas– that there are a million ways to be creative.  That we’re all artists whether we sell our work or not and that creativity is its own reward and I’m happier when I’ve done something creative during my day.  Also I made some new friends which always rocks!

Soul Restoration 2– I can’t say enough good about this.  I’m going to be using the bits and pieces of things I got from the course for the rest of my life.  See my previous post.

Big Idea Festival – Signed up for this because Ana made me.  Just kidding.  It looked interesting and it’s fun to do something on line with a buddy.  Thankfully it doesn’t start until next month so I have time to get my scrapbook stuff in order!

Speaking of which did I mention already that I ordered my ScrapRack and it should be here Friday?  I wish I had vacation time left I would so take the day off to stay home and play!


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  1. good 🙂 we’ll be having a ball this August! have you seen my weekly Photo Challenge I started this Wednesday in wonderland? would love to have you in too 🙂 you’ve been pretty busy, some of the courses you share make me want to try them too but I’ve to go slow. I’ll be doing the Festival and then I’ll start the Photoshop Essentials with Kim Klassen. want to have time to practice a lot. in September I’ll do a photography workshop to learn more about my camera (this one is near home, through three weeks). I think I’ve enough to digest already. I get excited and when I realize I’m signed up for too many courses at the same time. learned my lesson. now I go slow (despite the little bug that wishes to do all at once, lol). next week I’ll do my first digital scrapbooking to illustrate this week photo documentary. have an awesome weekend. xoxo

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