What a week so far!

So… I was over visiting at soulpretty.blogspot.com and saw a picture of a woman with a great dress and seriously cool hair and was bumming that I couldn’t duplicate it.  Donna being one of my heroes, sent me over to YouTube where I found a video of a braid out.  It’s funny because it’s something I used to do all the time in my teen years…  Well the look is back and it’s a great way to transition out of putting chemicals in my hair all the time.  Phew.  So, that was a fun way to start the week.  I’ll post the picture but I look awful and it doesn’t do the hairstyle justice because of all the grey.  It was better earlier in the day. 

Monday I drove to UMass Amherst to drive GMan at EFY (Especially for Youth) church camp for LDS (Mormon) kids.  It’s always a great week and he was really excited to be there.  Megan came along to keep me company on the ride back, and we stopped for ice cream again at the Ice Cream Factory in Townsend. 

Tuesday was a busy day at the office, but then last night was the Josh Groban concert with Elu opening for him.  That man plays sick nasty piano!  He actually plucks the piano strings like a guitar while hitting the ivories.  He was just wonderful and Josh, well his music always makes me smile or tear up.  So, a great night, made even better by the fact that I navigated to Malden onto the subway into the City and back without instance.





 Mr. Brightside


Diary of Jane Breaking Benjamin


Sweet HomeAlabama– Gilligan’sIsland– Blue Man Group


One Life to Live Theme – Clocks


Pink Panther Theme – SugarPlumFairy – Arabian Music?


Red Door – Peanuts Theme – Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For


Nadia’s Theme – Jaws – Chopsticks – Teenage Dream – Indiana Jones – The Entertainer






Changing Colors


February Song


You Are Loved






Bells ofNew York City


Higher Windows


Queste Notte


The War at Home


Voce Existe Em Mim


The Prayer (w/audience member)




The Wandering Kind


If I Walk Away




Your Machine


All the Single Ladies (high falsetto playing in the audience choosing people to come up)


Broken Vow


Per Te


Play Me


You Raise Me Up



Last Friday I did some scrapbooking pages, but I’m behind on my challenges.  I’m thinking I’ll get caught up this weekend.  I finally ordered the  ScrapRack and it should arrive Friday.  I’m REALLY excited to get the last bit of my scrapbook supplies sorted out and reclaim the blue room. 

I’m reading two books at the moment:  Outlander by Diana Gabaldon (which I’ve managed to get slightly farther than the last time I attempted reading it, but I’m still not certain I’m going to finish it) and The Taking by Dean Koontz (trying to bond with GMan who loves Koontz, but it’s weird and I’m not certain I’m going to finish it either).  So, I”m really looking forward to September when the book is Daughter of Fortune by Isabel Allende.

What else?  I’m loving reading my classmates blogs from the creative class and planning on taking more classes from Big Picture classes.  I’m thinking the using your camera in manual mode is a great next class.  I am going to pull Julia back out and just start making things in order as picking and choosing doesn’t seem to work as well.

Headed to a place called The Garment District in Boston.  Megan found it online  http://www.garmentdistrict.com/hourslocation/  and it seems like it could be a lot of fun, and it means I’ll get more time to explore Boston which was one of my goals for this summer.

Went to see Thor at the half price theater with Alan and oh my is that man ripped!  Chris Hemsworth that is.  The hubby is handsome, but not exactly ripped.  So that was a seriously fun time.  I want to go back to see Harry Potter again, but that will have to wait until I’ve made it through my other summer must sees before I do repeats.

I think I need a massage a mani/pedi and a night on the town with my dearest.  The natives are restless…



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4 responses to “What a week so far!

  1. what a busy week dear 🙂 love your photo, you’ve such a contagious smile! I’m doing the photo documentary this week and I started a Photo Challenge over ‘wonderland’. are you going to join the Big Festival starting August 15th? hope so 🙂 would love your company 😉 xoxoxo

  2. You are taking the week by the tail! WOW! Josh Grobin?! I’m a tad green with envy. And next time you head down to the garment district, give me a call! I’ve spent many hours there – it’s embedded in Chinatown, so there’s good eats and exotic grocery shopping available, too.
    Wondering if you’ve read “Sarah’s Key” — a good summer read and a quick one, too, because it’s a real page-turner. Like you, I’ve been pressing on with “Outlander,” but no way am I finding it as wonderful as the person who recommended it. She loves the series *so* much – it’s her favorite in the whole wide world. Prefer to hop over to Julie Orringer’s “The Invisible Bridge” (http://www.nytimes.com/2010/05/30/books/review/Ervin-t.html) after just finishing new SNHU-MFA Faculty Fellow Jacquelyn Mitchard’s “The Theory of Relativity.” This last one raises some interesting questions about the definition of family and blows the top off the judicial system.

    • I am reading Outlander for the exact same reason. We are going to the Garment District on 8/6. Email me if you really want to go. I haven’t read Sarah’s Key but will write it down and pick it up. The Theory of Relativity sounds very serious, but I’ll stick it on my book list for a later read when my brain isn’t quite so mushy.

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