Is the book always better than the movie? Are there any exceptions?

Yes if they were written before the movie script was, in which case I can’t think of any exceptions.  On the other hand, I am perfectly capable of loving both book and movie.  I do not tend to enjoy books written after movies.  I am always pleasantly surprised to find that many movies are based on books.  One of my happiest surprises was from the movie “I Remember Mama” based on a fictionalized memoir, Mama’s Bank Account by Kathryn Forbes.



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9 responses to “Is the book always better than the movie? Are there any exceptions?

  1. No, I think the book is always better than the movie apart from maybe those boring classics like pride and prejudice that I simply can’t be bothered to read.

    • I understand your thoughts about the classics. I tend to circle around them a few times before I read them and fall in love. I was surprised to find that after seeing several versions of the movie I liked Pride and Prejudice even better. Probably better able to visualize it, and having the option to pick and choose the characters from the different movies. Thank you for commenting!

  2. I’ve seen a couple of posts with this question, and I always respond with the same two examples. Thank You For Smoking and A Clockwork Orange. With Thank You For Smoking, the book was funny, but the movie is so over the top with it’s humor that it’s actually better than the book. As for A Clockwork Orange, the book is written with a heavy dialect that makes it annoying to read, as well as having an extra scene (the 21st chapter) that wasn’t included in the movie that essentially contradicts everything that happened throughout the book.

    So there are my two examples, one where the movie is just brilliantly done to make it better than the book, and one where the book is just too annoying to read.

    • I have to say, I don’t know Thank You For Smoking, but A Clockwork Orange, yes, the book was virtually impossible for me to get into, and I gave up not very far into it. The language yes, but mostly the unending obscene violence was more than I could cope with. Apparently the 21st chapter was originally part of the book, just not the version released in America as the thinking was American audiences wouldn’t buy his last minute redemption. Thanks for commenting!

  3. OMG! it has nothing to do with your post, it’s just to tell I’ve received your order. I’ll take her of it today and I’ll send it as soon as it will be printed (I’ll let you know then) you just made my day! xoxo

  4. *I’ll take care of it today (and not ‘her’) lol

  5. by the way, I think books are better than the movies. books let us dream and imagine so much more than a movie.

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