Winter Bucket List

So I was reading the puttery treats over at Brocante Home  and came across this gem:

* Write a Winter Bucket list of everything you want to achieve between now and Spring in a teeny little notepad at your bedside and ritually remind yourself what it is you should be throwing your heart into daily…

That said, winter is so not my thing, so I went searching and tapped other people’s winter bucket lists…  Got some great ideas… 

watch the[ Elm Street] holiday parade
bake, make and sew my way to a handmade christmas
go snowtubing on a wintery day
explore the winter landscape
cheer on the teams at a dogsled race
learn the perfect concoction for spiced cider
head to [New York and/or Boston] for shopping, exploring and a bite at a local eatery
enjoy the simple pleasure of a warm bowl of homemade soup
make a snow angel
check out the ice sculptures at[ Concord’s first night]
snuggle up under a pile of blankets with a good book and a hot drink
embrace the cold, get out in it, and learn to love winter

Out of my own head…

Reread the entire Twilight series and go see Breaking Dawn Part I

go for a sleigh ride

Have family over for Thanksgiving

See the Nutcracker performed by the New York Ballet

Get my scrapbooking ephemera in order

Spend time with each of my closest friends

make at least two more recipes with Julia

Practice my drawing and painting



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8 responses to “Winter Bucket List

  1. hi dear Jenny 🙂 just a little note to tell you the prints went yesterday. might arrive next Saturday if all goes well. I send it by Priority Mail like I did with Ira RU gift exchange and her mail took two weeks to arrive. I’m hoping yours will work fine 😉 you’re not doing the Big Idea Festival either, are you? lol 🙂 I went through the first class and didn’t find it challenging. so I’m just going to download whatever each class have to offer and decide what to do next. have an awesome weekend dear 😀 congrats on your list. I’m terrible doing them, never know where to start and then I start giving myself deadlines and get stressed about it. lol

    • Actually I AM doing the Big Idea Festival. I just haven’t taken pictures of the pages. It helped that I decided to make the pages in a more standard type album. Pretty much just making up the pages, as I don’t have photos ready, but otherwise I’m ticking along.

      • do share!! I’ve been downloading the png files but haven’t done a single one yet. started Kim Klassen Essentials yesterday and still haven’t been to class to see the first lesson. haven’t been sleeping well (even taking a sleeping pill) and I’m tired most of the day. usually try to take a nap after lunch but sometimes is hard because of all the flies we have around the house. they don’t leave us alone. never had so many flies in a house like on this one! they’re really annoying! and noisy! my days are shorter because I wake up exhausted. what a waste of time 😛

    • I’m excited to get “Doorknobs” and will let you know as soon as it arrives!

  2. Wonderful! I may have to piggy-back on this posting. Stay tuned!

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