so… I’m working storm duty on one of the most gorgeous days of the summer.  This would actually not be a bad thing if there were real work for me to do.  Sadly the job I’m trained to do is always closely guarded by the people who regularly work in the office and transients like me get stuck making “callbacks.”  Ugh.  This means calling people to see if their power is back on.  You can imagine if it is, they’re either relieved and happy to say hello and thank you, or they’re relieved and really don’t want to talk to you about it.  The funny thing is we only call back the people who called us in the first place.  It gets really fun when you call the people who do NOT have their power back yet and you can’t give them a definite time as to when it WILL be back on. 

At this point I’d be happy to even deal with that.  The alternate is me sitting here bored out of my skull and boring you with how bored I am.  Sigh…  Off to find something at least somewhat interesting.  I brought my regular work with me.  Thank goodness!!


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