Harvard Square

If the weather cooperates I want to visit Harvard Square for the day this autumn.   I have only been there once and visited the Harvard Museum.  I’m thinking this time I need to check out the Harvard Book Store:

Harvard Yard

The Cambridge Galleria and finally

the Harvard Tea Luxe…  It would also be stupid fun if I could find a little nearby salon with a sympathetic manicurist…



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4 responses to “Harvard Square

  1. jan

    I’m shocked you haven’t been there more. It was my high school and post college escape place (boring old suburbia, cursed Burlington Mall). It’s funky and you, dearie. 🙂 rather, the last time I was there–too long ago. Have fun, you! We’re going to NYC 09/30 for a weekend (hitting the Cloisters, the Met and to see David’s school friend Chris Rothko, son of Mark Rothko, maybe even Ground Zero–we talk about going there when not sober, so don’t know about sober) and Baltimore around 9/18. All that gets me through right now is cloisterscloisterscloisters….:)

    • Yeah, boring Burlington Mall (hahahaha). But you’re right I’m into funky and this is my cup of tea. Have fun in the City. I still haven’t made it up to the Cloisters, but we did the Met in March and loved it as always. Haven’t seen Ground Zero since the spring after 9/11. Have fun sweetheart!

  2. There’s also anthropologie and … OTTO Pizza (my brother’s place) (http://www.ottoportland.com)!

    • I love Anthropologie and I’ll be sure to add OTTO Pizza to the list. Perfect since we’ll make a full day of it. I’ll say hello to your brother for you if he’s working. : )

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